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Our nuclear energy team has extensive experience across the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) complex supporting both commercial nuclear and government contractor clients. We count former Department of Justice prosecutors and in-house counsel among our ranks, including a former senior managing attorney for an EPC management Fortune 100 contractor. We have a keen understanding of the regulatory overlay for nuclear industry participants engaged in the management, operation, construction, fabrication, waste mitigation and decommissioning of DOE and NRC regulated facilities.

Our attorneys advise on the entire scope of commercial and government contract compliance and administration matters, with proven efficiency helping clients implement both case-specific and comprehensive compliance solutions. We also help clients conduct timely and accurate internal investigations and resolve any issues related to the formation or execution of joint venture/consortium agreements, the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, as well as inspector general inquiries and NRC investigations.

Sub-Industry Team Contacts

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Deep Industry Experience

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New Builds

We are experienced in NRC construction certified new-build projects in the United States with matters involving new reactors, fuel fabrication site-design and more. In these projects, our team has represented owners as well as principal contractors.

National Labs

We have been involved in the administration and bidding of DOE national lab Management & Operating contracts representing both prospective and incumbent bidders. Importantly, we are well versed at navigating the administration and resolution of issues that arise in the execution or formation of a joint venture/consortium agreements, teaming arrangements or other risk-sharing mechanisms prevalent in the nuclear industry. This includes both the formation and administration of agreements, as well as disputes arising from sub-prime contracts, joint venture dissolutions and key employee poaching.


Recognizing that the regulatory overlay applied to the construction and operation of a nuclear facility also extends to the decommissioning of a nuclear facility. Our nuclear energy team is well-versed in this growing area of nuclear practice as well. Our experience includes representing an international nuclear technology company and joint venture actively seeking to increase its decommissioning presence and providing legal support for active commercial nuclear-decommissioning projects.

Investigations & Defense Matters

In large part due to our attorneys’ experience as in-house counsel and DOJ prosecutors, we have extensive experience conducting timely, accurate, complete and efficient internal investigations across the compliance/risk spectrum, which includes false claims acts, DOE Part 708, whistleblower, anti-kickback, inspector general and department of justice lead inquiries, NRC investigations and NRC Part 21 disclosures.

Contract Compliance & Administration

Our team has experience supporting the entire scope of commercial and government contract compliance and administration. We are highly experienced in both upstream and downstream contract administration and compliance. Specifically, we work with clients to prepare and install full-spectrum contract compliance programs (i.e., codes of conduct, training, certifications) and to execute highly specialized and case-specific compliance solutions.

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