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Ready to meet your company's growing demands.

We understand the dynamics and ongoing evolution of businesses and government agencies that deliver mobility, transportation and logistics services. We have a highly adept team of industry-focused attorneys, some of whom have served as general counsel at transportation and logistics companies, large and small, as well as for numerous government agencies, villages, cities, counties and states. Our team is fully equipped to help you meet surging consumer expectations and demands for efficiency, speed and ease-of-use technology. Whether operating in high-risk environments or under tight budget constraints, we offer timely, cost-effective representation underscored by a focused, in-depth awareness of the challenges you face.

Logistics Contacts

  • Schulz_Kelly_web.jpg
    Kelly W. Schulz


    Louisville, KY

  • Duprey_Anne_web.jpg
    Anne E. Duprey


    Columbus, OH

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