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International Services

India Desk

Our India Desk represents Indian businesses in their U.S. dealings and U.S. companies in their business activities in India. With both on the rise, our team’s cross-cultural experience makes us uniquely equipped to help clients navigate international trade regulations and commercial disputes while seizing new investment and business opportunities.

For U.S. companies, we handle India-based acquisitions, joint ventures and commercial agreements. This includes assisting a U.S. client in acquiring real estate and establishing Indian operations where tens of thousands of employees now work. We also help companies obtain numerous visas each year to bring Indian talent to the U.S and protect our clients’ intellectual property rights cross-border. Most important, we are committed to assisting India’s ascendance as a leading global economic power.

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    Joseph J. Dehner


    Cincinnati, OH


Our membership to Multilaw, a global network of local counsel firms located in over 150 markets worldwide, enables us to provide clients with seamless, on-the-ground legal support virtually anywhere in the world they do business.

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