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From token generation events and drone regulation to the latest developments in privacy and data security compliance, our Technology Industry Blog focuses on the still-evolving regulatory landscape for companies developing new products and services, as well as those for whom technology figures prominently into their day-to-day operations.

Many of our contributors are IAAP-certified privacy professionals or hold advanced STEM degrees, with prior experience working as systems engineers and software developers. As a result, our blog offers that rare coupling of legal insight and technical sophistication, making it a true resource for businesses operating at the bleeding edge, where reliable legal intel can prevent project delays as well as civil and criminal exposure.

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Featured Contributors

  • Dehner_Joe_web.jpg
    Joseph J. Dehner


    Cincinnati, OH

  • Smallwood_Brice_web.jpg
    Brice C. Smallwood

    Senior Associate

    Cincinnati, OH

  • Nitardy_Michael_web.jpg
    Michael E. Nitardy


    Florence, KY

  • John Wagster
    John S. Wagster


    Nashville, TN

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In addition to the Technology Industry Blog, Frost Brown Todd regularly issues Legal Updates. These client alerts and white papers are delivered to you via e-mail and provide insights on trending, often urgent issues that have the potential to impact you and/or your business.