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General Counsel Services

In-house resources without growing an in-house department.

We get it. Serving as general or in-house counsel requires more than legal perspective, but a holistic view of the business. Your challenges and needs are not lost on us, because we have literally walked in your shoes, serving as in-house counsel ourselves.

Frost Brown Todd’s General Counsel Services (GCS) team supplies clients with like-minded legal support. We have over 40 attorneys with previous in-house experience, including several former general counsel for leading national and multinational companies. Our centrally directed and managed approach means we’ll match the right attorneys with in-house perspective to your needs — be it a department vacancy, supplemental in-house help, or a specific legal discipline.

Service Area Contacts

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    Beth Schneider Naylor


    Cincinnati, OH

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    E. Todd Wilkowski


    West Chester, OH

You’re experiencing…

  • Pressures to source work inside have reached max capacity.
  • Department turnover stifles workload and subject-area expertise.
  • Outsourcing projects means time spent managing providers and policing varying levels of quality.
  • Increasing regulation results in more risks and requirements.

General Counsel Services provides…

  • Business-based solutions versus theoretical discussions.
  • Industry and subject-focused knowledge.
  • More resources with consistent and reliable quality.
  • Ongoing compliance counseling and day-to-day advice.

If you’re a company without an in-house legal department, have a vacancy, or are looking to supplement your in-house team with industry, subject-focused knowledge or ‘like-minded’ attorneys, Frost Brown Todd’s General Counsel Services is for you.

Our team is a cross-section of highly experienced attorneys, all of whom have served in a general counsel or in-house counsel legal capacity. As such, we understand and can help you address the day-to-day challenges you and your team face supporting a business while providing your leadership with readily implementable solutions to legal, enterprise risk management, contracts and compliance issues. Our goal is to understand your business through your eyes so that we deliver a cost-effective work product that is on point with what you want and need. The GCS team is centrally directed, with senior-level attorneys at the helm, ensuring consistency and quality control across our suite of services.

Service Models

We offer three General Counsel Services models, providing one or several qualified attorneys based on the timeframe, budget and express needs of each client. For companies undergoing a transition of leadership, experiencing rapid growth, or facing legal uncertainties in the wake of new regulations, a significant acquisition, or a change in business model, the Interim and Outside General Counsel Service models provide flexible support options and access to GCS attorneys for the advice and help they need, regardless of whether it’s a simple question or an urgent, complex and highly sensitive undertaking. The Enhanced Legal Services model, by comparison, provides highly skilled, subject-focused resources to an in-house team from lawyers who have been in their shoes. When needed, we also advise companies on building or reconfiguring their in-house legal team and help with staffing, organizational structure, and the delegation of responsibility.

Comprehensive “Whole Business” Approach

We don’t learn as we go or offer impromptu advice without developing a complete understanding of a client’s business priorities. On the contrary, we take a comprehensive “whole business” approach, investing non-billable hours upfront to do a full inventory of our clients’ businesses, examining:

  • Operating methods, market interests, product and consumer base.
  • Leadership, employee infrastructure, policies and requirements.
  • Risk profile, areas of legal and economic vulnerability.
  • Strategic vision for the months, years, and decades ahead.

Strategic In-House Business Perspective

Though our GCS attorneys practice different legal disciplines, the common denominator is that each of us knows what it’s like to be part of a business unit versus a law firm. We’ve served as general counsel or in-house legal counsel for public- and private-sector clients, in national and foreign markets, and in every stage and facet of the company lifecycle, from distributor agreements, complex mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and spin-offs to strategic partnership negotiations and major dispute resolutions. For this reason, we are both pragmatists and skilled, forward-thinking strategists, on hand to facilitate as companies break ground on a new project or initiative. What’s more, our dual perspective as both outsider/insider enables us to pose difficult questions and challenge the status quo, if indeed it appears a novel approach is warranted.

Managing the Risk Continuum

Legal costs for compliance issues have been trending upward for the last decade, due in large part to regulatory changes at the state and federal level. These new regulations, coupled with other economic and geopolitical forces, have shaped today’s risk continuum for our GCS clients. To navigate the potential pitfalls and seize upon new market opportunities, companies need to work with a capable and forward-looking legal team. Our GCS team prides itself on being painstaking in our attention to detail; but at the same time, we are careful not to let an attorney’s natural aversion to risk interfere with productivity and profit-potential. We learn where a client is situated on the risk continuum and cater our approach to the growth mindset and outlook of its leadership.

Non-Billable Time Upfront, Savings Down Range

When companies hire an attorney provisionally, often in a single isolated matter, he or she may be brand new to a business’s core function and lack incentive to think big picture. Worse, these one-and-done arrangements can result in additional fees, unnecessary costs, and, in extreme cases, protracted litigation. Even before billing clients, we put the time in to build trust, establish clear lines of communication, and learn everything we can about their business. We listen a great deal upfront because you know your business much better than we ever can. Downrange, as we’re more fully integrated into the strategy and decision-making process, we become better true team members, helping the business meet its goals and supporting in-house counsel more effectively and at lower costs.

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