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Finding Clarity In Effective Teamwork

Webinar: Tips for Managing Difficult Employees – How Do We Handle an Employee That….

July 07, 2021 12:00 pm EST Free Webinar

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Difficult employees cause conflict, disrupt productivity, negatively impact workplace morale – and are more likely to file a lawsuit, of course. However, effective management of difficult employees can redirect conflict towards growth and success for both the employee and the business, and minimize the legal risk for the employer.

This webinar will discuss potential strategies for managing various types of difficult employee personalities and situations that employers sometimes encounter in dealing with difficult employees.  It will address employees who always have an excuse, employees who threaten lawsuits, “bad-attitude” employees, and more. And finally, it will provide practical tips for handling these different types of challenges.

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  • Skidmore_David_web.jpg
    David A. Skidmore, Jr.


    Cincinnati, OH

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    Irina V. Strelkova


    Louisville, KY